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Goddess Maintenance

Maintenance Tips

Posted by Tinnelle Craighead on

         🌻LACE TIPS AND MAINTENANCE🌻 🌻Avoid putting oily products on frontal/closure 🌻Try not to get frontal/closure wet 🌻If you do get your frontal/closure wet, tie it down immediately & wait for it to dry before removing scarf 🌻Use a cotton fabric scarf to tie front down to ensure proper air flow to prevent sweating 🌻Frontals/Closures are not a long-term style 🌻Install usually last 1-2weeks (depends on if you sweat a lot or not & if you have oily skin...if you do experience both the install may not last as long as expected 🌻Frontals/Closures do NOT take your edges out...

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